Favorite Reads & Products

This page is all about my favorite reads (books, magazines, or websites) and products. I am most certainly not getting compensated in any way for calling these items favorites. They are just things that I like and want to share with other mamas. 

Listed first are my favorite reading materials (and DVDs) for parents, my favorite children's books, and my favorite fictional novels. Included on this page is also my  Baby Registry post with my favorite baby and toddler items. In time, I will add posts with other products I love. Hope you enjoy and find this helpful!

Favorite Reads

For Parents:

  • Parenting:Illustrated with Crappy Pictures by Dusick
  • babycenter.com (web site)
  • Baby Bargains by Fields
  • Hypnobirthing: The Monogan Method by Monogan
  • The 90 minute Baby Sleep Program by Moore
  • The Happiest Baby on the Block (book and DVD but rec DVD)
  • Parents (magazine)
  • Kiwi (green parenting magazine)
  • Your Baby's First Year: American Academy of Pediatrics
  • Signing Safari (DVD) by Sharon Said
  • Stress Free Potty Training by Au & Stavinoha

What I'm reading now:  
Return to Tradd Street by Karen White

Favorite Products