The postpartum stage is a time of crucial learning - for that of both mom and baby. As the baby is trying to adjust to the world outside of mom, mom is trying to adjust to the world with a new baby (even if it is not the first time she has done it). When I was pregnant for the first time my midwife told me a very important lesson of motherhood. It was that mom's job once the baby is born is to take care of the baby and to let everyone else take care of mom; including the cooking, the cleaning and helping with older children. This is critical to allow for bonding, establishing breastfeeding and for healing after child birth. I believe this is the most important thing to remember during your own postpartum period as well as for anyone else that you know that may need your help and care during this time. While it is realistically impossible for mothers to drop all other things; it is best to do this as much as possible for the first 6 weeks and beyond if family resources can allow it.

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