Sunday, August 11, 2013

Blog Motivation

I have to admit, I even surprised myself a little when I decided I wanted to start a  blog. This is a  little out of character for me but here’s the thing:

I’ve been writing blogs in my head for quite some time – you know, if I get up before the rest of the house and actually can take a shower in peace without my husband and kids coming in and out of the bathroom the entire time. Or,  to pass time when I’m desperately trying to get the minutes to tick by faster while I’m on the elliptical. I just think about the things I’ve seen and heard on the news, other moms, or from my silly children, etc. I’m not the only one who does this, am I?!

Well, I started to notice the theme of these mind blogs were surrounding a lot of the things that I didn’t really know about before I became a mom. Or things that motherhood has taught me about myself, my children, or just life itself. And in talking to friends, I find a recurrence that we all find motherhood to, yes, be a wonderful and amazing experience but to also be filled with LOTS of questions, doubts, uncertainty and innumerable challenges. I got to thinking how I would really like to pass some of the things I have learned to my daughters, if they so choose to become mommies themselves some day. I, of course, hope to be around during that time but in reality that’s just not a guarantee and, quite frankly, I’m pretty sure in 2 or 3 decades the details of these mind blogs are going to get a little fuzzy.  

Still, as a working mother of two, the hours in the day are in pretty short supply so the prospect of writing seemed a little unreachable. But then something wonderful started happening. I kept getting news from MANY friends and family that they will soon welcome their very own bundles of joy. It conjured up lots of memories for me and I was producing even more blogs in my head…about natural child birth, breastfeeding beyond the 1st birthday, cloth diapering, traveling with kids and more (and not necessarily in that order). It was just the motivation I needed to get this going. 

Although I’m certain not everything I write about will be relevant to every person - or if they read this, even to both of my children -  I figure there’s some pretty universal things about motherhood. Whether it’s the joy and the amazement they bring, the doubt and uncertainty parenthood brings, or the just plain hilarity of the things you find that you both say and do. We all have some common ground as moms. I'm still pretty new at this parenting thing and certainly no expert but this is my journey of  motherhood. So, if you get some free time in between the meals, the laundry, the fun activities you have carefully planned to enrich your children’s lives, the after school activities and everything else; I hope you'll stop by and read a little of my blog