Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Kid Created Words and Phrases

Long before I had children of my own I learned that kids say some pretty funny stuff. I first learned this from my beautiful niece when she was 2 years old when I asked her a question and she replied, "I can't know that."

It might be due to the challenging concepts of the English language, the way they hear the word or the difficulty in saying certain things. Whatever the reason; when children say made-up words or unexpected phrases they can make us all laugh - no matter the circumstances. I started writing many of these things down because they're just too cute and funny to forget! Here are a few of my favorites from my now 3 year old daughter (although most of these are from when she was 2):

Statements or Responses:

- My thumb sucker says, "Sometimes my thumb is spicy!"

- "We're supposed to bless you into our arm" after Daddy sneezed.

- Talking to the moon when it's out during the day: "Good bye moon! Have a good nap!"

- After being asked  if she needs a spoon for her cereal she replies, "Yes, you're giving me a joke."

-  "You're a silly goosey bump."

- And this one is from my girlfriend's son but one I will never forget. He used to call his stuffed owl a baby and one day suddenly stopped. For this obvious reason:  "There's a difference between a baby and an owl."

New Verbs:

- Daddy is lawnmowering.
- Mommy is brooming.
- We went campsiting.

Combined words: 

-While play cooking she says she's using the "salticker" which is the combo of salt and salt shaker.

- When we went camping, she wanted to use her "lightern" which is combo of light and lantern.

- My girlfriend's daughter says she really needs some "handitizer" to wash her hands.

Disorganized phrases: 

- "Mama! You messed it up all!"
- "This is going to be more even fun!"

Telling Time: 

There were only 2 options regarding time initially for my daughter:

- "Last day" for yesterday which was anytime in the past.

- "This day" for today.

She recently started using the word "yesterday" which for her means any time in the past (which could include the morning of the same day). And now she is starting to understand there are differences in terms of "yesterday" and started to say, "yesterday a long, long time ago."

When they say adult things:

- Reaching down to grab her aching leg, "Oh, I'm an old lady."

- "Tell me about your day."

 The just not quite right words:

- E-norm-a-sary = annoying. As in, her sister is being very "enormasary."

- She also went through a phase where she wanted to wear her "packback" all the time.

- My girlfriend's son (same one as above) says Ri-dic-lious = ridiculous. As in, "It is ridiclious to act that way!"

I know my sweetness is growing up fast. Soon she will have a much better grasp on the English language. And very soon, her little sister is going to start saying many more words and her own unique phrases. For now, I will enjoy the innocence and fun as they learn their first language. And when they are all grown up, I will get to look back on these silly words and phrases and smile at the memories.

What funny words or phrases do your children say? I would love to hear some of them!