Thursday, March 20, 2014

March Crafts

                Springtime: butterflies and sunshine


Spring is here! Sure, there is still 20 degree temps predicted in our 5 day forecast (which could mean MORE snow) but at least we know there is an end in sight. And over the last week my family has been able to soak up a little sunshine while walking around the neighborhood in no more than light jackets. I am so very happy to celebrate the first day of spring with a few springtime crafts.

The sunshine and butterfly craft we did can be found here from The Pinning Mama. They actually did these crafts as Valentine's but I like them just as much (or more) for springtime.  

 Hand Print Sunshine

 Hand Print Butterfly

Both of these are made by my big girl {3 year old} and I can't believe how big her hand prints look in the pictures! She thought the paint was very ticklish and was kind of unsure about me painting her hands at first. Now, it is one of her favorite thing to do when I get out the finger paints.
The next craft we did was an idea I found from Olivia at Me and Baby E and can be found here.

Sometimes the girls are really into crafts and other days they...aren't. Last weekend the girls painted shamrocks to celebrate St. Patrick's Day. It only took a few minutes for them to paint 3 each and they were asking for more. Since I had only printed and cut out 6 shamrocks (which took forever) more shamrocks were not an option. So I decided to do Olivia's spring craft too and pulled out the white card stock and more paint (since we were only using green and yellow for the shamrocks). We chose purple, pink, yellow, green and blue for spring colors.

The girls are painting spring

My big girl's {3 year old} interpretation of spring

 My baby girl's {18 month old} interpretation of spring

After painting the shamrocks and "spring" my girls were ready for lunch. And a nap. So we didn't do the rest of the craft until today. The baby couldn't really participate in this part so she looked at books while Autumn and I discussed the new season of spring and cut out the letters.

I traced each letter and Autumn cut on my hand-made dashed lines and then I finished cutting the rest of the letters out.

 Since we are working on letters and spelling I mixed all the letters up and had her sound out the word spring.

We will hang this in our window soon, just as Olivia did, but we will play with the letters a little more first. I'm also waiting on a delivery from Amazon to make more of the spring themed craft to hang in the window that I will add to this. More on that soon!

For now, I'm off to dreamland where there is lots of sunshine and butterflies...and no more snow!

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