Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Gardening with Kids

                   And Children's Gardening Books!


My girls absolutely LOVE to help in the garden and they are able to help with each every step -  the weeding, the planting, the watering and more weeding! All of this includes getting their hands deep in the dirt and that always equals lots of fun for them! Here is the start of our gardening adventure this year!


Giant piece of mud - it needed to be moved!

Learning how to use the shovel to remove weeds and working really hard! Little sissy is watching closely! 
My little girl planting:

Mixing the Dirt

Plant Selection


Patting the Plant!
My husband decided to let each child help put together a planter. They got to do all the steps of preparing the soil, selecting the plants and planting. My husband, P, told my youngest [21 months] to "pat it" referring to the dirt surrounding the newly planted flower but instead she began to gently and sweetly pat the top of the plant. It was quite cute! 

And my big girl planting: 

She did a great job packing the dirt with her hand trowel.


 I think watering is one of Autumn's favorite parts. She doesn't mind one bit when her dad turns the hose on her when the plants are done being watered! 

Amelia is doing an important job of holding the hose!


Here the girls are helping spray for weeds that have popped back up with massive amount of rains we have gotten recently. The thing I love about this spray is that it is not at ALL harmful to the children so they can play in the yard as soon as it's been sprayed or even hold the nozzle and do the spraying themselves. My husband uses a home made mixture that works amazingly well on all types of weeds!

Weed Solution:

1 gallon distilled vinegar
1 cup Epsom salt
2 tbsp Dawn liquid dish soap

Now, the only thing left for the gardening is the best part - getting to eat some of those fresh tomatoes right off the vine once they grow!    

And we have some gardening books to help the girls learn more about seeds, plants and gardening. 


Do your children help in the garden? What's their favorite part? Do you have any favorite gardening books that should be added to this collection? Please let me know - we're always looking for more books!

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