Monday, December 8, 2014

Things I'm Going to Miss (Age 3)

3rd Birthday

I've said it before and I know I'm going to say it again and again: The time just seems to FLY! I know my dad has told me that this only becomes more true as we age. I think the truth behind that, though, it doesn't seem to be flying because I'm aging, but because my kids are doing so. They are growing and changing so rapidly, it's hard to believe where the time goes! 

That's why I love writing about some of my favorite parts of their last year after they celebrate a birthday. They change and mature, find new interests and make me laugh and enjoy life in new ways each year.

And as they do new things, I find it harder to remember the old. Just the other day, we were getting out of the car and both girls excitedly looked up at the sky to see the moon shining brightly. They both have a serious admiration for the moon (as I believe many kids do) and began to wave and talk to it. I suddenly remembered, when Autumn was much younger, she used to get out of the car on the way into day care and if the moon was out, she would say, "Good bye, Moon! I hope you have a good nap!" because she believes the moon is awake at night and sleeps during the day when she can't see it. It's one of those just darn cute things she did that I never want to forget! So, that was sometime when she was 2 and now she is a big 4 year old! And it really is hard to believe!

So, a few things I'm going to miss from my oldest daughter at age 3...

1. Calling your stuffed animals and dolls, "my sweeties." Heading out the door, you would cry, "Where's my sweetie?!"  Since all your favorite stuffed animals and dolls were your sweeties, we would have to determine which exact "sweetie" you wanted to take with you that day. The term of endearment seemed extra special since, of course, you are MY sweetie! 

2. Needing help with the little things: When you first turned 3, you still needed lots of help with the little things like taking off your shirt and zipping your jacket. It's not that I love doing these things for you. In fact, I'm quite proud of the fact that you mastered these and many other basic tasks at age 3. It's just that, it's wonderful to have a child that is young and this is simply proof that you're growing up. I hope upon all hope that you will always need a little help from your parents because, after all, we really do like helping and being needed!

3. Reading books by memorization: You love being read to and from a very young age and  (even before age 3) you began "reading" portions of books through memorization. And there's nothing sweeter than listening to you read to your baby sister. Now, you have begun some pre-reading. Just shortly after your fourth birthday, you started sounding out some simple words. It won't be long before you will truly be reading the words on the page. Again, I'm excited for you to be able to read but it's just more proof that you're really growing up! 

4. The super slow motion on your bike and roller skates: When you ride your bike or roller skates, you are extremely slow and cautious. And you actually still need me to hold both of your hands the entire time you're on your skates. I love this learning stage and, again, I know before long, you'll be off on your own, not needing me to be standing right by you! 

5. Picking out your own outfit: I don't expect you to ever stop picking out your outfits at this point in time but it's the style of a preschooler that I enjoy. One of my favorite outfits you chose to wear when you were 3 was a floral tank top, a tye dye skirt and pink tights with a cat print on them. I think you may continue with this eclectic style for quite some time but no one bats an eye whatsoever at a 3 year old dressed in this manner, which is pretty awesome! It's great not to have clothing choices judged, but unfortunately, you likely won't be able to dress walk into the bank or some other establishment in such an outfit without at least raising some eyebrows! 

6. The very simplest of things make you happy: Like breakfast for dinner, frozen fruit being added to your water, going to the park, seeing a school bus, the moon being out during the day and so many more things. You still get enjoyment out of all these things at age 4 and I sincerely hope that this continues for a long, long time - or forever. The simple things in life are almost always the best things and I hope you never, ever forget this!

Well, that's at least a few of the things I will miss about age 3. Some of these things stopped long ago, some will continue for quite some time. The only thing I know for certain, is age 4 will bring another year of fun and excitement! 

Just before 4th Birthday

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