Monday, March 9, 2015

Our Favorite Children's Books: Goodnight Stories

There's nothing quite like a good night time routine with the kiddos and one of the best parts for our family is the stories right before bed. Here are a few of my family's favorite bed time stories.

Such a simple, cute story about the bed time routine. Two little ones walk through each step of getting ready for bed and these are almost in identical order that our family does our night routine. And on top of it, the little girl has blonde, curly hair just like our oldest. 

This is just one of those classic stories we all remember and love. My girls began some of their first memorization "reading" with this story. Plus, finding the mouse on every page is an added bonus!

This picture book has a few words but most of the story is told by my girls' description of this mischievous gorilla and all his zoo animal friends. Finding the mouse with the banana on every page following his gorilla pal throughout the book gives them extra laughs. On nearly every page they also search for the balloon and moon and we are able to talk about the balloon getting smaller and smaller each time we turn the page. This book always gets the girls laughing. 

This sweet book says time for sleep or time for bed on each page with beautiful illustrations of a parent and child animal on each page. It's adorable and I especially love the end, again, because the little girl at the end looks just like our oldest child. It's not so much that I love blonde, curly hair children but my daughter loves seeing a child that looked like herself. 

This story is similar to the one above but by the beloved author of Goodnight Moon. Each page is illustrated with a parent and child animal as they snuggle in closely, ready for sleep. 

What good night books help your little ones snuggle in and get ready for a sweet night of sleep? 

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