Sunday, June 21, 2015

Daddy's Favorites and Bests {Year Two}

     According to his 2 and 4 year old

To celebrate Father's Day I asked our girls a few questions to see what they believe are their dad's favorite things and some of the things he does best. Asking our children a few questions to learn their thoughts and opinions about their dad on these topics is a super fun for Dad on Father's Day. Well, at least I hope he thinks so! We did this last year, too, when our daughter was then 3 and this is what she told us: Daddy's Favorites and Best {according to his 3 year old}. Our youngest wasn't able to participate last year but this year she was able to join in on the fun. Our oldest  daughter {Autumn's} responses in the purplish pink color and our youngest {Amelia's} responses are in blue.

Favorite color: 


His favorite color is actually green. What's funny about this is Autumn actually got this correct last year. 

Favorite food:


Favorite drink
Beer -"And my dad always let's us smell it." 

Favorite song: 

Ducks Like Rain
"Just the songs he sings when I'm sleeping."  Moon and Meatball

Chore he's best at:

The dishes
"Clean up the dishes."

Best thing he makes:

Macaroni and cheese and peanut butter and jelly 
Pizza and pasta

Best thing he does for you:

Plays with me 
Twirls me around, takes me to the mountains and takes me on bike rides

His favorite thing to do:

"Plays with us."
"Play with me." 

I also want to share some of the things that I think are the best things that Daddy, and only Daddy does, with his daughters that are so very special.

Gives them and encourages them to try all kinds of food with him like pickles, smoked salmon, lemon, pickled beats, Gorgonzola and sheep cheese (for Autumn)  and many, many other foods. 

Takes them for fun rides on the back of his bike.

Makes sure there's sand in the sandbox, makes sure the hose is connected to the sprinkler and makes sure the batteries are always replaced in their toys.

Fixes their car seats whenever the straps get twisted or they need to be readjusted. One of the many ways he works hard to keep the girls safe.

Eats fresh tomatoes right off the vine in the vegetable garden each summer. Autumn asked that I add that she also loves eating fresh lemon leaves and mint right out of the garden with her dad too! 

Takes them on the "daddy express" which are piggy bike rides quickly up the stairs (often times in order to prevent tantrums because it's time to go to bed). This way, we get giggles instead of a tantrum.

I know there are many more things than this. These are just a few of the things that bring a smile to my face as I write thinking how lucky my daughters are to have their Daddy. 

Happy Father's Day!!!