Thursday, January 30, 2014

January Crafts

Snowmen and Bird Feeders

We have been pretty busy the month after Christmas playing with the new toys and puzzles as well as the many fun art items- finger paints, water paints, markers, Color Wonder and Play-Doh so we haven't done all that many actual crafts. I did one with the girls though and their Grandma did another one with them. 

Pine Cone Bird Feeders:

The girls made these bird feeders with their Grandma. I had actually just pinned (yes, I'm now an official Pinterest user - although I'm not officially obsessed yet!) this project the week before their Grandma decided to do it. Since I didn't do it with them, I don't have the exact instructions but Autumn gave them to me. In her words:

-You dip them [pine cones] in peanut butter
-Then you dip them in seeds
-Then you let the birds and squirrels eat them

I would have to say it cannot get any simpler than that!  But you can also click here to check out the instructions from There's Just One Mommy if you want slightly more detailed instructions.

Snowman Q-tip Painting: 

This craft idea came from Stephanie at Life as a Mommy. Click the link below for the super simple step by step instructions. 

This is a really fun craft and it's perfect for both my 1 and 3 year old daughters. It can be pretty difficult to find crafts that are age appropriate for kids of different ages (and for a 1 year old at all) but this one was perfect. I helped each of them complete their snowmen, the 1 year old obviously needing more of mommy's "creative" input than the 3 year old. In fact, Autumn actually helped me with some of the finishing touches on her little sister's painting so she felt like quite the big girl. Amelia was really only able to make the snowflakes with the Q-tip, but it's a great start!

1 Year Old's Snowman

3 Year Old's Snowman

We really enjoyed this craft and it was a perfect activity to do when we came in from the frigid and snowy weather outside! 


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