Sunday, March 2, 2014

Yummy Snow Ice Cream

My yard has been covered in ice and snow for much of the winter. Where I live, this isn't actually normal. We always see at least some snow each winter, but this year we have seen much, much more than our average. Sub-zero temps, an extra 20 minutes to bundle the children up each morning as well as a minor car accident due to the weather are all making me desperate for spring. But instead, we have more ice and snow. 

The absolute only saving grace to this is that Amelia {my 1 year old} absolutely loves looking out the window and points at the falling snow and says, "no! no! no!" because she isn't the best at pronouncing the "S" yet. And both my girls, of course, love to play in it. But finding a recipe for snow ice cream is now one of the very best parts for me! Click the below link for where I found this super simple and fun idea:

I have no idea how in my 30+ years of life on this Earth I have never before heard of snow ice cream! Our version of snow ice cream is slightly different than the above link but it was a great starting point. If you decide to make it with your family, you will probably find that you need to tweak it a little bit to your taste, as well. * indicates where we made any changes to above recipe.

1. Collect snow.
We scooped a decent portion into a large glass bowl and just put it in the freezer until we were done playing outside. We actually had enough that we were able to keep it in the freezer for several days after we collected it. At the moment we have a bowl sitting on our front porch so the snow just falls straight in for easy collection purposes!
2.  Slowly stir in the milk.

 We did a slow pour instead of pouring it in all at once because it melted really fast when we did it fast.  *We didn't add a specific amount. Instead, we just added it until we had the the ice cream consistency we wanted.

3. Add powdered sugar.
*We chose this instead of granulated sugar so that it would mix easier because we only have sugar in the raw. Again, we just played with the quantity a little bit until it was sweetened to taste.

4. Add vanilla and/or cocoa mix to taste. 

*We just start with a few drops of vanilla and then add to taste.

Adding the yummy rainbow sprinkles

I have to give all the credit to my husband for these changes. As the chef in the house, he likes to make things his own, even if it is only snow ice cream. And the girls really had a blast making and eating their snow ice cream. We made small portions for several days as an after-dinner special treat. The girls were actually enjoying snow ice cream after all the snow had melted away and it was 60 degrees outside!


This is officially a new family tradition in our house. And I hope it is something that will bring about many happy childhood memories for my girls! 

 Getting every last drop - I'd say she likes it!

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