Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Working Mom's Workout {Guest Post} at 100lb Countdown

I am super excited to have the opportunity to guest post at 100lb Countdown. April is the writer for 100lb Countdown and her blog is all about  her weight loss journey, alternative ways to clean without toxins, family stories, some really fun link-ups (for you bloggers reading this) and much more! I hope you will head that way to check out her blog and also read my guest post. Here's a sneak peak of my post: "Working Mom's Workout"

Being a mom takes up a lot of time. And energy. No matter how much you love it, this is a fact from every mom I know. I am a happily married mama to two little girls, ages 1 and 3, and I also work full time outside of the home as a registered nurse. Hectic doesn’t really begin to describe my daily life. By the time I get finished tucking the girls in at night I usually collapse on the couch in front of my computer or the TV. Sometimes I just go straight to bed when I finish nursing the baby. Because I’m tired

So making time for a daily workout routine as a working mom is very challenging for me. Before I had my second baby I was at least sort of active. I was on my feet at the bedside each day. After my second baby, I changed nursing jobs and now I sit at a desk all day. I also gained over 50 pounds during my second pregnancy (while I was on modified bed rest for 25 weeks). I absolutely needed to work to get that extra weight off. A good workout routine wasn’t something I was successful at before I had my first child so finding time for it after my second child is that much harder. Read More...