Thursday, July 31, 2014

July Craft: Cupcake Cards

It's been a busy month (as some of you know from my last post) since I went out of town without the kids. So, the girls and I haven't done much in the craft department. They did a few super cute ones with their grandma (Mamaw) while they stayed with her which included gluing feathers on a peacock, home made cards with a beach theme and they went to the library and made construction paper cats that stand on their own.  Very cute!

We did make time for one craft to celebrate my best friend's birthday (she also happens to be the girls' day care  provider).

Cupcake Cards

All you need:

- 8x10 white card stock
- 12x12 gray card stock
-  few pieces of colorful scrap card stock (for candles)
- paint & paintbrushes 
- scissors & glue 

Step 1: the frosting

The girls each painted a piece of white card stock. Once the paint was dried I cut the corners and edges off the paper to make it a rounded cupcake-like shape.

Step 2: the cupcake wrapper

While the girls painted, I cut a piece of gray card stock into a rough shape of a cupcake wrapper. Then I folded it accordion style (the way you fold to make a fan). 

Step 3: attaching frosting to wrapper

Just glue the 2 pieces together. 

Step 4: adding candles

We painted the number 32 using the same method we used for the preschool numbers activity and then just glued them to the top. 

I also used a couple of pieces of pink and yellow scrap paper to make a candle. And that's it! 

Happy Birthday, Sarah! 

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