Wednesday, August 6, 2014

One Year of Blogging

I have been contributing a little, tiny piece to the blogosphere for 1 year now! Wow! When I decided to start a blog a year ago, I didn't really know much about it other than writing some of my thoughts down and hitting, "publish." I have learned a LOT but here are 3 things: 

There are about a million blogs: This isn't an exact number, in fact, I wouldn't be surprised if there were several million in the "mommy blog" category alone. There's a blog in ever category that you can imagine from cooking, sewing, travel, and much more.

HTML: I had absolutely no idea what HTML was before blogging and now I can actually work a little bit with this code and can even fix errors when they occur when formatting my page. And I absolutely LOVE it. I know I'm in the minority in saying that but I simply love that I was self taught and the challenge it brought me and then the thrill one I succeeded. 

 It's fun: I like being able to share my mama journey; my joys and my challenges along with some of the things I have learned in parenthood. There are many people out there that have thousands of followers and make money doing this! I will never be one of those people. Even if I only have 100 people reading (or 10!) it's really okay for me because I enjoy it. And that's all I need.

For fun and celebration I have decided to highlight one of my favorite posts from each month of the last year: 

August: As the title suggests, this post is all about labor choices and how women often have more choices during the labor process than what they are generally told. This topic is one of my biggest mama passions and one of the motivators behind my blog.

September: The motivation behind the blog title: 

October: This just sums up the chaos of my life as a working mama: 

November: A post written to my girls after celebrating their birthdays, a realization that they are getting older:   

December: There's plenty of things that come out of my and my husband's mouths that surprise me but I am also amazed by the adorable and hilarious things that also come out kids' mouths:

January:  Motherhood has taught me so much. There were plenty of things that I expected to learn but here are just a few of my favorites:

February: They grow up so fast but no matter what she is:

March: I so wish my children could have even a potion of the fear of germs that I have. I wonder how different our lives would be: 

April: I wish that mommy wars could go away - they are simply something I just don't understand. I also wish we could all just be comfortable with making the best choice for ourselves and our families. That being said, I will always support and advocate breastfeeding - I just won't judge against those that don't. 

May: And this month took me to a different breastfeeding topic of which I actually not only support and advocate breastfeeding but I support breastfeeding for longer than a year.

June: I love each of my girls' birth stories but I want to highlight this one for this month because it was not only my favorite post of this month but talking about labor and birth is a big reason I blog

July: It was hard to choose for this month but this post highlights some of the great fun we have with the girls along with highlighting some of my favorite children's books on a specific topic (something I plan to do more of soon).

And because it happens to be World Breastfeeding Week I also want to share one of my favorite breastfeeding posts: 10 Unexpected Things I learned About Breastfeeding.

So, there you have it - a baker's dozen of my favorite posts over the last year. I have written a total of 59 posts. Although this may not seem like a lot to some bloggers, between the family, the job, the household and everything else in life - 59 is what I have time for. I also have 9 more in drafts where I started to write ideas down and a whole bunch more topics jotted down in a notebook. I figure I'll keep writing when I have time and I'll keep blogging for as long as I have things to write! Thanks for sharing this last year with me! It's been a lot of fun!

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