Saturday, January 24, 2015

Top Posts of 2014

Wow! The last couple of months have turned out to  be really busy for my family! First, the entire family got sick with the flu, then we had a fun-filled but very busy Christmas and finally the big challenge of touring preschools for my daughter's first year of school next year! (And - WOW - I was not prepared for what a process that would be, but that's another story). With all of this plus just normal life, I have found myself more tired these days and going to bed earlier. 

I saw the idea on a fellow bloggers site to share the most viewed posts of the year. I love the idea so I thought I would share too but for the above reasons, it's a little delayed.

So here they are: My fans (okay, my family and friends) favorite posts of 2014!


 I knew I would learn a lot in motherhood, but I had no idea that these kinds of things would be included in the list.

I wrote this post because I feel that I see pictures far too often of babies in cribs that aren't following all of the crib safety guidelines. I frequently see car seat safety tips (which is, of course, very important!) but I have never seen my facebook or twitter feeds have tips on crib safety - and our babies spend a lot of times in there!

After a wonderful kid-free vacation with my husband, I was quickly reminded of the "joys"of motherhood!

My daughter's hair gets a LOT of attention. And I will admit it, her hair is beautiful. But I never would have expected her hair to get quite the attention that it gets. So, I just wanted to share some of the other amazing attributes my daughter has. Because there is so much more to each of us than just our looks.

Weaning doesn't typically happen over night or occur just because a child reaches a certain age. This is a topic I feel very passionate about and this is to be the first post for a series (but I have yet to get that series started - in time, I will!).

And just for fun, these are my 2 personal favorites of 2014:


I hope everyone is having a wonderful start to this new year!