Tuesday, November 17, 2015

The Things You Never Knew You Would Say {Part 2}

Being a mom can be tough. When kids get sick it's heart wrenching. Being a mom can be frustrating. Children screaming that they don't want to brush their teeth at bedtime is just plain aggravating. Being a mother can be exhausting. The sleep deprivation is like no other. Being a mom is also amazing. The love is intense; that they have for you, and you for them. Most of us expect all of these things, at least to some degree. But what I didn't expect was the hilarity that motherhood would bring. The things kids say and the things we say to them.

So, I bring to you part two of the things I have said to my children, the things that I never thought I would say, not ever in my life. And, of course, the inspiration behind the blog name!

Stop getting distracted and put on your pants, please.

Did you just slip on broccoli?...Oh, don't eat it!

Where are your pants?!

I would prefer that you didn't drag your sister by her dress strings.

Surely you can share one carrot with your sister out of that giant pile of carrots.

There is never a need to lick your pants. 

You have jelly in your eyebrows.

 Stop throwing watermelon at your sister.

Don’t cry because your sister is throwing watermelon at you.

If you take another bite of Play-Doh, you’re going to be all done with the Play-Doh.

That’s why we don’t play with toys while we’re on the toilet.

You wouldn't get toothpaste in your eye if you didn't move your head so much. 

You cannot go to the bathroom with your fairy wings on because you will dip your wings in the toilet.

 Once you use your lollipop as a hair brush, we are all done with it.

Don't eat your lemon in the bathroom.

 Where are your pants?

What have you said as a parent that you never expected?