Thursday, September 19, 2013


Well, I have a few posts under my belt now and I have to admit that I'm really excited about officially being a "blogger." Now, truth be told, there aren't all that many posts but each day is a day of finding the right balance of family, work, and just life with only a little bit of "extra" time left over...and that's left me with 5 posts (6 if you count this one!).

But I'm really enjoying it and I'm continuing to write plenty more mind blogs. I just wish it was as easy to write the real ones. More posts will certainly be coming, in time. One thing I've been working on is trying to decide on the issue of privacy with my blog. For those of you who know me well, know that I'm still not entirely comfortable with Facebook for this reason. A blog is, of course, even more public. But the other day I was listening to a story on NPR of a mom blogger discussing a very sensitive subject (gender conformity) and a caller asked her about privacy on her blog. She discussed how she chooses to use pseudonyms for her children and no pictures and I thought...duh! That's what I can do, too! So, my daughters now have pseudonyms. My toddler will  be referred to as Autumn and the baby as Amelia. What is fun about this for me is that these are a couple of our runner-up names that I get to use now!

My posts will not be on subject material as sensitive as a son wanting to dress in heels but all bloggers vary in their comfort level with privacy and sharing and this is what feels right for me. I now feel okay about opening the blog up to search engines and sharing with more people than just my Facebook friends! So, please, if you like the blog please tell friends or family about it or share a post. I really appreciate the positive feedback I have gotten from so many of you already and I hope you all continue to enjoy reading posts on "Don't Lick Your Sister" as much as I enjoy writing them.